Baby Slings & Carriers COVID19 Response Virtual Fitting with Guarantee Program

BSC Virtual Fitting with Guarantee Program

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we have had to suspend our physical showroom operations as part of our corporate responsibility in response to the government’s directive to suspend business activities at the workplace in their announcement on 3rd April. It is imperative that we abide by the rules to break the circuit and to contain the Covid-19 virus.

However, as parents we know that it is almost impossible not to carry young babies at all at home, and some may need more carrying than others. We understand that as a result this means parents need an ergonomic baby carrier to help them tide over this difficult period.

At BSC our focus has always been your baby and you, so we have decided to roll out our BSC Virtual Fitting  with Guarantee – a temporary program – to help parents make an informed decision and to provide guarantee on their purchases of a baby carrier based on our recommendations.

If you are stuck at home with a young baby and need a baby carrier to tide you through, please read about our program below.

Stay Safe and let us all keep our spirits up!


❤ Love,
Team BSC

BSC Virtual Fitting with Guarantee Program

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How to get a carrier during COVID19 with fitting guarantee

Every parent and baby relative body proportions are different, and we always recommend a personalized baby carrier fitting in person to ensure you Get The Right Fit. However, as physical baby carrier fittings are not possible during the lockdown period, this program helps you reduce the risk of getting an ill-fitting carrier by purchasing online purely based on reviews and recommendations.

This is a stopgap measure and guarantee by us on the purchase of any baby carrier based on our recommendations without a baby carrier fitting in person during this period (terms and conditions apply). The objective is to help you get a well-fitting carrier that is ergonomic for baby and you.  

If it ends up not being a good fit (you are entitled under this guarantee to receive a fitting session that must be arranged within 6 weeks from the lifting of the lockdown period at our showroom), we allow you to return the carrier and exchange for another carrier that fits you better. You just need to top up any difference in price if the new carrier cost more and if the original carrier cost more, we will issue back the difference in credits to you. In other words, the risk of getting a carrier that is ill fitting will be borne by us.

To do that, we will need you to provide us as much information as possible, as well as some images to help us make a personalized recommendation for your purchase using our online form here .

Apart from having a well-fitting carrier, it needs to be properly and well-adjusted to enjoy optimal comfort. Due to the suspension of work activities directive we are unable to provide this service. Based on the answers you have provided to us on the forms, we can make a rough adjustment on your purchased carrier to increase the success of comfort and ergonomics when you receive your carrier by courier. 

Please note that the most effective adjustment will be in person so we do encourage you to come to the showroom within 6 weeks once the directive is lifted to get everything up and proper.

We are confident that our specially curated range of baby carriers is sufficient to fit every parent and child pair based purely on ergonomics and comfort. 

As there may still be a small chance of error since we are making the recommendations based on information provided by you and not in person, we will offer you an exchange if it doesn’t fit you well during a fitting at our showroom within 6 weeks when the lockdown is lifted (more information below). 

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a full refund guarantee to protect ourselves against abuse the program.

No, this service is complimentary. We are offering this for free during this period of when our showroom is under lockdown*. Personalized fittings in person is more accurate and we encourage it anytime, so this service will cease 2 weeks after the lifting of the lockdown* on our showroom.

To be fair to our customers, we never resell baby carriers that are returned at full price for hygiene reasons, and these carriers are always washed first and then marked As-Is so that people know the reasons for the special price. 

Rest assured that you will never buy anything from us that someone else has used or tried on. 

Any carriers returned as a result that it doesn’t fit under our BSC Virtual Fitting with Guarantee Program will be sold during our weekly FaceBook ( Live Shows every Monday at a generous discount.

The BSC Virtual Fitting with Guarantee Program will last between 7th April till the end of Post Circuit Breaker Phase 1 (showroom lockdown lifting + 2 weeks)*

This means that any carriers recommended by us and purchased by you on our website within this period will qualify for this guarantee. This is a time limited guarantee program. 

Our guarantee will strictly be in force for 6 weeks after the lifting of the lockdown of our physical showroom. This date at the moment is set as start of Phase 2 Post Circuit Breaker*. You must arrange to come back for a complimentary fitting this 6 weeks in order for this guarantee to be in force. Please see Terms & Conditions below.

An in-person fitting by us is still the most accurate way for you to Get The Right Fit. 

As a responsible Babywearing Specialist Fitting business, we recognize that there are dynamics beyond an online recommendation without sighting baby and you in person. 

Under this program, you get a free fitting within 6 weeks from the lifting of the lockdown to ensure the carrier you bought is the right fit for you. If it doesn’t and you find something that fits better for you during the session, we take back the carrier and you can exchange it for the carrier that fits better for you. Last day of the guarantee is 6 weeks from the start of Phase 2 Post Circuit Breaker*.

program Terms & Conditions

  1. All questions on our form must be answered and images must be provided for us to make an appropriate recommendation.
  2. The carrier purchased must be the carrier that we recommend for the guarantee to apply. You are however free to decide on what design you will like. Exchange of carrier due to change of mind regarding design is not an acceptable reason under our guarantee.
  3. This guarantee only applies to recommendations for Soft Structured Baby Carriers and therefore does not apply to slings, wraps and semi-hard structured carriers (aka most carriers that offer forward-facing out options.)
  4. Carrier purchase must be made on our website
  5. You must come back for a proper fitting or adjustment within 6 weeks from the lifting of the lockdown. As at 19th May 2020, our showroom will continue to be under lockdown until phase 2 of post circuit breaker*. You need to come back for a proper fit/ adjustment with 6 weeks from the start of Phase 2* of Post Circuit Breaker . After which this guarantee will lapse.

* Tentatively, we expect our showroom to be able to resume operations in Phase 2 of Post Circuit Breaker.
Please refer to our latest COVID19 announcements here for confirmation.