Boba X: Features

Boba X: Features

Unique features of the Boba X carrier that allows it to adjust and fit from newborn up to toddler.

The Boba X Baby & Toddler Carrier is one carrier that is suitable for use with your newborn up til a large toddler (3.5 to 20kg). Wear your newborn (without an insert!) and wear them well.

No need for bulky infant inserts! The innovative seat slides and locks to support your baby’s unique body, always ensuring total knee to knee support. Comes with detachable seat extenders that extends the carrier panel further to rival most toddler & pre-schooler carriers in the market in size.



GET THE RIGHT FIT! 30,000 fittings and counting!



Why are we different from other babywearing companies?



To Cultivate a Strong & Healthy Knowledge-Based Babywearing Culture within the community.



To help parents, parents-to-be and caregivers understand the dynamics of Getting The Right Fit and guiding them through a purpose-driven approach towards making an informed decision that is not only parent-centric but also results in optimal positioning for their babies.

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