Emeibaby: Back Carry

Emeibaby: Back Carry

The front carry is great…but wouldn’t it be better to have more options?

Emei Baby Carrier from Emeibaby is a made in Europe ergonomic Hybrid Backpack Carrier. It essentially combines the versatility of woven baby wraps and ring slings with the ease of use and support of ergonomic backpack carriers. The result is a baby carrier that offers the babywearer the advantages of all three.

All Emeibaby carriers are essentially wrap conversions carriers and come in 2 sizes – Baby and Toddler Plus size. The broad padded hip belt and backpack structure allows for optimal distribution of weight to the hips and away from the shoulder of the babywearer. The choice of woven wrap material use for the main carrier panel provides a soft and snug hold for the baby that is both strong and highly breathable. The material moulds over the baby’s shape allowing any pressure to be very evenly distributed. Lastly, the double ring adjustments at each side of the carrier panel allow an additional dimension of adjustment to the carrier panel which helps you achieve a wrap like snugness with your baby even with a newborn.


The Emeibaby Baby Carrier is ergonomically designed to support newborns 3kg onwards up to about 15kg (about 2 to 3 years old) and the Emeibaby Toddler Plus Carriers are designed to support taller kids typically from 1 year onwards to 18kg (about 4 to 5 years old). You can use the Emeibaby Carriers to carry your child in front or behind your back. Subscribe to our channel to watch more interesting and informative videos!



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