Gladitude 2020

Gladitude 2020 Sale ends in...

The sale has ended!

Gladitude 2020 is here! This year, we celebrate 13 years of Baby Slings & Carriers. For the 1st time, our Gladitude sales items will be available both online and at our retail showroom.

We have also put together a host of daily Facebook Lives with Facebook Live Pop-Up Sale, Facebook Live Auction for Safe Place Fundraiser and Product Showcases.

Date & Time


Catch Up

19 October

11am (GMT +8)

Facebook Live Star Buys

Join us on FaceBook Live for Wildly Special Show prices on extremely limited items with aesthetic issues on packaging due to exposure to light & humans in store. Click here for sneak peeks & prices…..

Show prices valid only during our Live Show. Don’t miss!

20 October

11am (GMT +8)

Product Showcase ( Facebook Live )

Ring Slings – Love Radius, Hug-a-bub

Night Safety –  Reflective Arm Band, Safety Vest,  LED Security Light

Mommy Line – Anti-slip & Compression Socks, Pregnancy Seat Belt, Belly Cast, Warming Cushion, Nursing Light

Dengue Safety –  Mosquito Nets for Cots, Strollers, Carriers

22 October

11am (GMT +8)

Product Showcase ( Facebook Live )

Stretchy Wraps – Boba, Love Radius, Doll Wraps

Laundry & Disinfecting – Rockin’ Green, Wode

23 October

11am (GMT +8)

Product Showcase ( Facebook Live )

Manduca XT Baby & Toddler Carrier

Kids Ear Muffs – SilentGuard

Baby Care – Nose Cleaner, Nail File & Scissors, Oral Hygiene, Hair Brush, Baby Care Set, Teethers

In the Bathroom – Bath Storage Net,  Shampoo Shield, Storage Basket, Weighing Scale, Bath Tub Stickers, Toilet Lock

Thermometers – Bath, Body and Food Thermometers

24 October

11am (GMT +8)

Product Showcase ( Facebook Live )

Manduca First Baby Carrier

Sun Protection – Sun Hats & Sunglasses

Going out with Baby (Stroller Accessories) – Rain Covers, Bags, Umbrellas & Sunshades, Clip&Go Hook, Carabiner, Cup Holder

Car Accessories – Food Warmer, Mirrors, Sun Shades, Organizers, Car Seat Protective Mat

26 October

11am (GMT +8)

Facebook Live Auction | Safe Place Fundraiser

Need a carrier and looking for a real steal? Join us as we run a Live Auction for gently used slings, wraps and ergonomic carriers at Auction Prices starting from as low as $5 for some items while doing a good deed! 80% of proceeds will go to Safe Place, a temporary shelter for mothers with unsupported pregnancies. Carriers are donated for this cause by other kind Babywearing Parents and us, and includes some showroom demo sets in very new condition.

27 October

11am (GMT +8)

Product Showcase ( Facebook Live )

Boba X Baby & Toddler Carrier

Cloth Diapering with Grovia Cloth Diapers

Night Lights – What are the different types and which one is suitable for my child?

Baby Sleep Safety – Blanket Holder, Bed Guard, Bed Rails

29 October

11am (GMT +8)

Product Showcase ( Facebook Live )

Beco 8 & Beco Gemini

Feeding Baby – Heat Sensor Spoons, Stainless Steel Cutlery Set, Warming Feeding Plate, Food Warmer, Food Jars, Thermal Flasks, Descaler

Kitchen Safety – Oven Guard, Stove Guard, Oven Door Stopper, Appliance Locks, Cabinet Locks, Fire Blanket

30 October

11am (GMT +8)

Product Showcase ( Facebook Live )

EmeiBaby Carrier & Doll Carriers

Baby Gates – Wall Mounted Gates vs  Pressure Mounted Gates vs Retractable Gates

31 October

11am (GMT +8)

Product Showcase ( Facebook Live )

Framed Backpack Carriers

Preventing Cuts from Sharp Corners and Access to Cabinets & Drawers – Cabinet & Drawer Locks, Multi-locks, Sliding Closet Door, Foam Edge Protector, Corner Protectors

Is your Door a Hazard? – Bi-Fold Door Lock, Door Stoppers, Finger Guards

Electrical Safety – UK Socket Covers, Cable Organizer