Grovia Buttah AIO Organic Cloth Diaper Clay

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Buttery Soft Outer Shell

All In One Diaper with built-in absorbency

Adjustable with snaps to fits babies from 10 to 35lbs  (4.5 to 16kg) up to approx 3 years old

100% Organic Cotton Absorbency Layer

Our new GroVia line of AIOs are just....well...."like buttah"(channeling Mike Meyers on SNL). The inside construction and absorbency is exactly the same as our standard line, but the outer waterproof layer of TPU has been replaced with our proprietary laminated polyester velour. Shimmery, pillowy, and quite possibly the softest thing you've ever touched.

Adjustable to fit from 10-35+ lbs. (approx. 4.5 to 16kg), the sleek GroVia One-Size All in One Clay is the only cloth diaper on the market that your baby can wear under skinnies! A waterproof outer layer and ultra-absorbent certified organic cotton inner soaker are sewn together to create what just may be the PERFECT cloth diaper. No folding, no stuffing, no keeping track of covers: simply snap on your baby and go!

  • No cover needed
  • Trim fit, stretch sides
  • Super absorbent
  • Quick drying
More Information
Material Inner Body: 4 layers of 100% Organic Cotton on both sewn-in insert and snap-in booster, Diaper Outer: 100% water-resistant Polyester TPU, lined with 2 layers of Organic Cotton
Included in box
  • 1 x GroVia Buttah Velour AIO Organic Cloth Diaper Clay
  • Snap in organic cotton booster
Weight Limit 10 to 35lbs (about 4.5 to 15.9kg)
Diaper Closure Type Snaps

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