Grovia AIO 3 Change Diaper Trial Pack

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Bundle contains:
3 x your choice of Grovia AIO Diapers (UP:$39.50 each)

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Adjustable with snaps to fits babies from 10 to 35lbs  (4.5 to 16kg) up to approx 3 years old

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Grovia AI2 Diaper Bundle 6 Change Set
Grovia All-In-One 3 Change Diaper Trial Pack

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    The easiest cloth diapering system yet. Just snap and go. So easy another caregiver or Daddy who is not so keen on cloth diapering is able to accept. Our Grovia AIO Cloth Diapers are designed for parents who do not want to hassle of dealing with soakers. A trim tailored fit, soft high quality materials that doesn't scratch, it also makes the Grovia AIO cloth diaper so easy to use on the go or when out shopping. 

    Our 3 piece Grovia AIO Trial Pack allows you to mix and match your favorite Grovia designs so you can try out if this change-and-go solution is one that will work for you. It is so trim we also highly recommend it for babies or toddlers who are transitioning out of cloth diapers. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

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