Love Radius Original Baby Wrap Lolita Pink/Electric Blue

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Tie once. Pop baby in & out without retying.

Suitable for small babies as well as toddlers

Can be used for backcarry position

The Love Radius Original premium stretchy wraps from France are one of its kind in the world.

Conceived and perceived as a hybrid between a woven and a stretchy wrap, the Love Radius wrap inherits both the best properties of the 2 distinct type of wraps. The Original wraps completely changes the belief that with stretchiness, a wrap needs to compromise on sturdiness. 

While most stretchy wraps cannot and should not be used for back-carrying a baby or toddler, the Love Radius Original wraps allows for back-carrying comfortably and safely. 

The Love Radius Original stretchy wraps are able to achieve this through its exclusive innovative fabric that is designed specially for babywearing. With a higher density than usual cotton, a slight amount of a specific type of elastane is combined together through an unique knitting pattern. The result is a material that matches the stretchiness, ease of use and zero-pressure property of the best stretchy wraps in the market today while at the same time, provide the same grippy, sturdy support once thought to be possible only with traditional woven wraps.

For those who truly love their stretchy wraps, this is a wonderful option for extending the use of stretchy wraps to carry extremely active or heavier babies and toddlers.

Love Radius Original Stretchy Baby Wraps back carry

Previous known as Je Porte Mon Bebe, these wraps are rebranded to Love Radius in 2019. The product remains the same, retaining its high quality and only the logo tag will be changed over time. 


  • Suitable for use with small newborns & preemies and also sturdy enough for toddlers
  • All direction stretch for optimal comfort
  • Can be used for backcarry position
  • Soft & Gentle. No hard parts. 
  • Easy & Flexible to use
  • Tie once. Pop baby in & out without the need to retie


  • 95% cotton mixed with 5% of elasthanne.  
  • Stretches in all directions to allows for flexibility of positioning a child in the wrap. Ensures optimal distribution of pressure regardless of which position the child is in.
  • Free of allergenic dyes or heavy metals, Oeko Tex 100 certified.
  • Stretchy pocket in the front for keeping small items
  • Machine Washable: 30°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed. No bleach. No dryer.
  • Light weight yet supportive fabric for newborns & older kids alike
  • Lolita Pink Wrap with Electric Blue Pocket
More Information
Material Exclusive innovative fabric with high density cotton, mixed with 5% of elastane & knitted using a unique knitting pattern
Included in box
  • 1 x Love Radius Original Wrap Lolita Pink/Electric Blue

  • Instruction Manual
Carrier Net Weight 920g
Different Edges No
Manufacturer Age Limit Not specified
Manufacturer Weight Limit 3.5 to 14kg
Recommended Child Size Limits Newborn to 3 years old
Carrier Positions Front Hug Carry, Front Cradle Carry, Front Kangaroo, Low Back Carry, High Back Carry, Hip/Side Carry

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