Manduca Twist: How to wear a Newborn

Manduca Twist: How to wear a Newborn

Manduca Twist usage with newborns

In this video, our principal consultant will show you step by step on how to babywear your baby in the manduca Twist hybrid baby carrier.

The Manduca Twist Baby Carrier Grey Mint is a hybrid baby carrier that offers the snugness and flexibility of a wrap with the simplicity of a modern soft structured carrier. It is recommended for newborns from 3.5kg onwards to babies up to 9kg. Safety Tested to 15kg. The super-soft woven wrap material and the hybrid design allows the carrier to adapt to different wearer & baby shape and size.




– M-Position® to support optimal hip, pelvis & spine development for babies.

– Hybrid wrap carrier design allows for a wrap like comfort & ease of use of a structured carrier.

-Adapts to newborn automatically. No need for an infant seat.

– Can be used for front hug carry & back carry positions.

– Single hip belt buckle.

– The adaptive design fits large as well as petite size parents.

– Recommended for children 3.5 to 9kgs (newborn to 1 year old).

– Super lightweight at only 500g.

– Meets the CEN/TR 16512:2015 standard.




To Cultivate a Strong & Healthy Knowledge-Based Babywearing Culture within the community.



To help parents, parents-to-be and caregivers understand the dynamics of Getting The Right Fit and guiding them through a purpose-driven approach towards making an informed decision that is not only parent-centric but also results in optimal positioning for their babies.

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