Manduca XT: Features

Manduca XT: Features

Introducing the Features of the Manduca XT

All your Manduca XT how to’s in one video!


The Manduca XT Baby & Toddler Carrier is a super-adaptive carrier that is designed to cater to newborns from 3.5kg onwards to toddlers & pre-schoolers up to 20kg. The carrier panel can be sized down for small babies and size up as easily to cater to toddlers up to 4 and even 5 years old. It is also design to fit petite as well as large parents.


Babywearers are also spoiled for options with the Manduca XT Baby Carrier allowing for front carry, back carry, side/hip carry plus the additional flexibility to cross the shoulder straps for additional comfort.


The patented extensible body panel that allows the Manduca to be used with taller pre-schoolers has now been complemented in the Manduca XT with a new patent-pending sizable seat size mechanism. The Manduca Baby Carrier continues to be one of the most versatile infant-baby-toddler all-rounder ergonomic carrier in the market today.



It is particularly suitable for parents looking for a premium quality carrier that can support a wide variety of user and child size & shape. It can be the one carrier you will ever need.

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