Carried on Your Back by Ida Therén

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Illustrated by Z. Keller

C‌arried on Your Back by Ida Theren is a children's book (ages 0-4) about a day in a toddler's life, with its attachment parenting parent. The gender of the parent and child are not set. A walk in the park, meeting a dog, learning to walk. Babywearing, co-sleeping and lots of love!

From the Author

"I missed a children's book that my own child could relate to. We never used strollers, bottles or cribs, and we did early pottying (Elimination Communication). So I decided to make a book about all those things! The Swedish version of the book was funded with crowdfunding. The American version came shortly after, as I was living in the US at the time of the release. I hope that you and your little one will like the book!"

About the Author

Ida Therén (born 1985) is a Swedish freelance writer and editor. She is the mother of Jane, born in 2013 and lives in Stockholm and Brooklyn. She is currently writing a parenting book.

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