BSC Introducing Service-as-You-Need Business Model

2023 BSC Statement on Change of Fitting/ Consultation Prices

Hello! We hope 2023 has started off great for your family.

For over 15 years, we have taken it upon ourselves to help parents carry their babies better. Thanks to your support, we have done at least 30,000 fitting consultations to help parents find the most suitable carrier, so they don’t end up hurting themselves or their babies (and even their pockets) with the wrong carrier!

We introduced a paid professional fitting service in 2014, with fees being redeemable against any baby carrier purchase to cope with the massive numbers of fitting & consult requests. Although at first deemed controversial, this was quickly adopted by many other retailers and service providers globally.

Our baby carrier prices have always been set according to the Recommended Retail Price policy of our supplier and our Fitting Services complimentary by redeeming it against a baby carrier purchase. However, some of you had frequently asked for us to match our baby carrier prices to those offered by certain pure online retailers who do not always respect these price policies. These particular retailers are able to consistently offer a lower price because they do not offer any sort of service, nor do they offer a physical place that is properly maintained for you to browse/ shop or ask your questions in comfort.

We unfortunately cannot match those prices simply because providing a high level of professional fitting service requires study, skill, time and other resources that we need to pay for. It has become increasingly unsustainable for us to continue operating our business while catering to all these challenges.

2023 sees a great year of changes to our business & service model here at Baby Slings & Carriers.

We recognize that while we still strongly advise parents to attend a Professional Baby Carrier Fitting Consult before they make any purchases, some people simply do not want the service. To serve you better and at the same time offer more equitable prices for our baby carriers, we have shifted to a Service-As-You-Need model. As the name suggests, you pay only for the services you need, when you need it.

Our revised baby carrier prices are now one of the most competitive and you can be sure that with our strict policy, never receive a baby carrier that has been tried, used and returned that is so commonplace with other pure online retailers. (We know we don’t do that as we even have a separate section for such carriers in our As-Is Corner going at a huge discount.) On top of that, if you are new to our store you can even get an additional discount code on your first purchase, stackable on already very competitive prices and earn coins under our Dandy Tribe Rewards Club that consists of many other stores.

We continue to remain focused on helping parents & caregivers. Parents who value and need help with carrying their babies, finding the right carrier or getting their baby carrier sorted out and properly adjusted can still pay for our Professional Baby Carrier Fitting Consult. The only difference is that under the new Service-As-You-Need model, these charges are no longer rebatable on the very low baby carrier prices at our store.  In most cases, you will find that under the new model you actually pay less.

We hope the change to this more equitable service model is fairer for everyone. Apart from allowing us to reserve our services for those who value and appreciate our service, we can offer you better prices as well as make it more sustainable for us going forward. (Hey, we need to eat too! 😊)

We wish you a wonderful parenting journey.

From our family to yours,
Mama Octopus and BSC Head Honcho – Pearline