#ilovebsc babywearing Ambassadors

Baby Slings and Carriers Babywearing Ambassador, Charlize Ferris

Lead and inspire

To cultivate a strong & healthy knowledge-based Babywearing Culture within the community requires people who believe in our Vision and help us walk the talk.

We work with our lovely #ilovebsc Babywearing Ambassadors who share our beliefs and work towards creating more awareness of GETTING THE RIGHT FIT with their friends by sharing their babywearing journey through beautiful pictures, blogs and stories and tagging us frequently on our IG and FaceBook.

They have inspired many parents to step up and step out in ergonomics, comfort and style. They are definitely leaders in their own right!

Sharing the love

Sharing the love for babywearing is what keeps the community connected and growing!

By sharing their babywearing journey via social media, #ilovebsc ambassadors help many parents visualize how they can include their babies as they continue to go about their daily lives.

Our 2021 ambassadors

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Think You're ready to become one of our ambassadors?

Our Ambassador Program – If you believe strongly in our philosophy and have an active social media presence, we invite you to get in touch.

All #ilovebsc Babywearing Ambassadors receive a complimentary session to GET THE RIGHT FIT, well-fitted carriers of their choice, and are invited to our exclusive events. Ambassadors posts are also constantly featured on our official Instagram & Facebook account.

Send us a message through Instagram, Facebook or email about your interest!