Carrier Fitting Service

Carrier Fitting services

In House Services
Type Age of Baby Duration Cost
Carrier Fitting Service
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0-12 months ≤ 60mins $50
≥ 60 mins & ≤ 90mins $80
Toddler Speed Fitting
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≥ 12 months ≤ 30mins $30
Carrier Quick-Fix*
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Any ≤ 30mins $30

*for existing customer account holders who had purchased their carriers from Baby Slings & Carriers

Private House Calls
Type Age of Baby Duration Cost
Weekday 10am – 3pm Any ≤ 90mins $150
Weekend 10am – 3pm $200
Emergency (after hours) $300

To book private house calls, please send your request to us using our contact page here

Your Questions

Every sling, wrap or carrier has different fabrics and cuts, and can feel different for different body shapes and babies. A well-fitting carrier is comfortable and almost like your second skin, and a baby can quickly feel comforted in one when adjusted or worn properly.

A Carrier Fitting Service is a professional service to help parents or caregivers find their most optimal carrying option, with the carriers properly & professionally adjusted to enable a fair assessment. You can with our guidance and advice, try on a wide range of our carriers or bring your own carriers and have them consulted on if you already have one or two that are not working out.

Your decision can greatly affect the outcome of how comfortable and ergonomic the carrier is for both baby and you. Like a pair of shoes, they can be of the right size for you yet not feel right.

We strongly advise parents to get a Carrier Fitting Service with our Baby Carrying Advisors to avoid the costly mistake of buying carriers off the shelf, only to compromise on the comfort and risk having to struggle to get baby “used to it” or your back getting hurt because you do not want the carriers to go to waste. The price of the carriers purchased on impulse (even if negligible because they were on sale) or the savings you perceive you gained from a hand-me-down that is ill-fitting comes with risks and discomfort even if it is an “ergonomic carrier”. If it’s just not adjusted or worn properly, that can easily be worked out during a Carrier Fitting Consult. But if it is an issue of fit, it can potentially cause more serious problems than the money you saved. Is this a risk you want to take?

Choosing the right carrier involves experience and the right skills to properly assess your needs and adjust the carriers. Our Baby Carrying Advisors who have together conducted over 30,000 consults since 2007, will be around to advise & guide you through the process. Typically, you can expect:

  • a brief introduction of the sling, wrap or carrier options,
  • addressing your needs, preferences & priorities,
  • narrow down your options,
  • guidance on how to carry and position your baby & place them in your choices,
  • and learning how to use and adjust your existing or new carrier.

We are respectful of the time you have for your consult and will be happy to customize your session to ensure you meet your objective.  

Attending a Carrier Fitting Service before or after your baby arrives have different advantages and it really depends on your objectives for the consult. 

Having a consult before your baby arrives offers you the following advantages:

  • acquire skills in carrying a newborn right from the start & some tips to start off on a successful parenting journey
  • understand baby’s and parent’s anatomy without the distraction of a newborn
  • try out the different options in an unhurried way with the objective of getting a sling, wrap or carrier
  • learn the correct way to adjust and wear your chosen carrier(s)

Having a consult after your baby arrives offers you the following advantages:

  • learn tips on carrying/ calming your baby and assurance if you are doing it right
  • get a brief understanding of baby & parent’s anatomy with your baby
  • trying out 2 to 3 carriers with your baby to eliminate the uncertainty of baby’s preference
  • learn the correct way to adjust and wear your chosen carrier(s)

Some parents prefer getting everything settled before baby arrives and we walk them through the options that will work for them – why and why not. Some parents prefer to be 100% sure by coming for a Carrier Fitting Service only when their babies arrive. We are happy to support you either way.

Our Carrier Fitting Service (for babies below 12 months) starts from S$50 at our showroom with 2 service options:

  • $50 for up to 60 minutes
  • $80 for up to 90 minutes

We also offer a Toddler & Preschooler Speed Fitting Service at just $30 (up to 30 minutes) for kids above 12 months.

Our Consultation hours are between 11am to 3pm from Thursdays to Saturdays (except public holidays).

We recommend that you opt for a 60-minutes consult and only extend to a 90-minutes session if you need the extra time. We do not recommend nor offer going beyond 90 minutes as babies generally do not have the patience and can become over-stimulated after a prolonged period of trying on carriers.

For babies below 12 months, please book your session here.

For babies above 12 months and opting for a 30-minute session, please book your session here.

Yes, we do. Fees for our Private House Visits start at $150 for weekdays (10am to 3pm) and $200 for regular weekends (10am to 3pm) for up to a 90-minutes session. You may also book for an Emergency Session at $300 for after-hours. Please send us a private email to arrange.

No. Our baby carriers are priced very competitively with a price match guarantee*. It is unfortunately unsustainable for us to keep our business operations going if we offer our Professional Carrier Fitting Service for free.  Our Carrier Fitting Services are well worth their price and provides great value to parents who appreciate our advice and expertise. In most instances, we believe you will be getting the best deal even if you had opted for both a Carrier Fitting Service and getting your baby carrier(s) from us. You can check with our advisors for all the promotions you may be eligible for. You can be sure it’s worth your while! 😊

Our Carrier Fitting Services are by appointment only. You may walk-in to view and purchase the carriers with the same great prices and promotions we offer online to our new Dandy Tribe Rewards Club members. You do not need to make an appointment if you only want to purchase carriers at our showroom.

Yes. Our Carrier Fitting Service is a professional service that is separate from the product you purchased. However, if you have a valid customer account with a traceable record, you qualify for a Carrier Quick-Fix Service at just $30 for up to 30 minutes instead of paying for a full Carrier Fitting Service. During the session, we will revise with you on wearing and adjustments of your baby carrier as your baby grows.

Our Carrier Quick-Fix is a shorter version of the Carrier Fitting Service at up to 30 minutes. This is reserved solely for our customers who had purchased their baby carrier from you with a valid customer account so that we can trace the purchase. During the session, we will revise with you on wearing and adjustments of your baby carrier.

Our Carrier Quick-Fix is a privilege reserved solely for customers who have bought their baby carriers from us. From our experience, every new carrier fitting service will take about an hour.

No. Providing and maintaining the space, and making available the different baby carriers come at a cost to us, not to mention that we regularly have to clean and disinfect our baby carriers to ensure hygiene so that both your baby and you do not catch any nasty viruses. Furthermore, we can become liable for anything that happens on our premises, including if your baby gets hurt when a carrier is badly put on. In an ideal world we’d love to help everyone without getting paid but in reality, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to provide all these while paying for these costs (including insurance) out of our own pockets.  Sorry, folks! ☹️

From our experience, a Fitting Service for a toddler usually requires a shorter time and usually a 30-minutes session will be sufficient. For those who need a little more time or burst their 30-minutes session, they can still opt for a regular Carrier Fitting Service at up to 60 minutes for $50.