Get the Right Fit

Get the right Fit

Why is it important?

Through years of experience, Baby Sling & Carriers has matured in babywearing education for parents. However, in recent years, we have chosen to emphasize our mission: Get the Right Fit. Does it ring a bell? 

What does getting the right fit mean to us and how does it affect both babies and parents? Find out more!

Friends Recommendations

Online Reviews

But Your Comfort & Baby's

"We are Not brand Specific"

These days, buying carriers off the shelf is very common. It is always easier to go to a shop and purchase something from a friend’s recommendation, or online reviews. What most parents are unaware of, however, is that buying a carrier of popular brand may not necessarily mean that it is the best carrier for you. 

What do we mean by not the best carrier for you? Please note that we are not trying to say that the carrier you were about to purchase or have purchased is a bad carrier. At Baby Slings and Carriers, we are not brand specific and are solely focusing on the fit and comfort for both baby and you.

In retail stores, parents are unable to try the carriers before purchasing them. Therefore, they are not able to compare the comfort that they feel in each carrier.

Every carrier has a structure. Similarly, both parents and baby have a shape and structure as well. Like fitting shoes, not every structure is suitable for everyone. 

What is the result of a bad fit?

A bad fit can cause discomfort such as back pain, shoulder aches and more problems in a long run. 

What about baby?

When babies are first born, they are almost all cartilage and extremely fragile. Especially during this period, we want to make sure there is as little pressure points as possible or no pressure points at all. If the fit is unable to support baby well, slouching and high pressure on the spine can compromise baby’s ergonomics, posture and development. In serious cases, a bad fit can become permanent damage for your child.

Look out for the red lights

Does something not feel right about your carrier? Are you experiencing pain even though you only use your carrier for short periods of time? Or is baby constantly complaining?

If this is something you are experiencing, there could be a mismatch between the carrier and you. 

What should you do?

If you already have an existing carrier, our team offers a consultation to help you identify the root of the problem. You can find out more about our consultations here:

As parents, we want the best for our children. Don’t have a carrier yet? We offer worry-free fitting sessions with our specialized fitters and consultants who are able to guide you through your journey to finding the right fit. Learn more about how our fitting procedures work: