Babywearing Consultation

Having Discomfort when using Your carrier?
What should you do?

Already own a baby sling, wrap, or carrier that you have bought elsewhere? Or have a hand-me-down baby carrier that you have trouble figuring out? Then you will find our comprehensive Babywearing Consultations most useful for you.

(If you’re looking to try out slings, wraps or carriers to find something suitable, please refer to our Fitting Services instead.)

Our Babywearing Fit Specialists are available Thursday through Saturday (except public holidays) from 11am to 3pm. Click the “book session” button below to book a session! See you soon!

I bought a carrier somewhere else and need help with adjustments.

You’ve come to the right place! Here we will explain how our consultations are carried out and what the rates are. Read on!

I Bought a Carrier here within the last Year.

If you have bought a sling/wrap/carrier from us within the past year (except carriers on clearance), you will have a 1 time free support session with us. Specially for our customers, support comes free with your carrier purchase!

*Our babywearing support can only be claimed once within a year from your purchase and will not apply if you have used up your support session with us. However, you are always welcome to come down for consultations at our showroom.

About our service...

Discomfort or Adjustment Issues?

We offer personalized Babywearing Consultancy Services at our showroom located right in the central of Singapore. With over 12 years of experience since 2007 and over 10,000 babywearing fittings, we offer a most qualified team of Experienced Babywearing Consultants. Those who prefer more privacy in the comfort of your homes can also request for private housecalls. (Private housecall prices apply.)

The objective of a Babywearing Consult/ Consultation is for us to work with your baby sling, wrap or carrier in order to make it work for you, using our best and easiest tried and tested methods that we have devised to help new parents and not so new parents with.


We recognize that every person is different in how they learn, and we have the experience to customize your learning experience to make sure you get up to speed as quickly as you should according to your learning patterns during the Babywearing Consult/ Consultation.

Our team practices a Dynamic Babywearing Approach.

Showroom Consultation Rates

These rates are for babywearing consults at our premises only.

Package Fees Duration Most suited For
Basic Consult
Up to 1 hour
1 to 2 buckled carriers / Meh Dai or 1 carrier + 1 ring sling or 1 carrier + 1 stretch wrap or 1 woven wrap (FWCC)
Comprehensive Consult
Up to 90mins
Those who need more time than the standard basic consult.

*For priority booking of our Babywearing Consultation services, please book at here and state that you would like to consult on your carriers. Also state the number carriers, carrier brands and models.

Successful bookings online with give you priority should our Babywearing Fit Specialists be fully engaged. You will pay $30 first, and the balance for the consult only when you turn up for your appointment.

House-call Rates

Please refer below for our Babywearing Consultation packages for private housecalls:

Package Fees Duration
Weekday Private Housecall
90 minutes
Weekend/ After-hours Private Housecall
90 minutes
Private Housecall Assistant*
90 minutes

Rates inclusive of transportation. Private housecalls are limited to 90mins. Please email [email protected] or call 6397 6691 to arrange.

(* A Private Housecall Assistant is experienced with babies and this add-on service is useful for those who do not have someone at home to help carry or soothe baby during the consultation.)

Your Questions

Need more information on this service? Check out some of your questions below!

If a baby carrier is not comfortable for baby or you, it can either mean it is not properly worn, adjusted or simply ill-fitting. Similarly, if you have trouble getting your ring sling to work or getting the wrap to become comfortable and secure, it can mean that you may have overlooked a step that will make babywearing a breeze. Or perhaps you just need someone to clarify some of your doubts and are not sure where to seek useful advice.

Getting information from the internet, mummy or babywearing forums while convenient, can end up confusing you especially when there is so much conflicting information. This can result in you not getting the right advice that will help your exact situation. We do not advise asking for help to troubleshoot a baby carrier problem using photographs as that does not present an accurate view. While most people giving advice are just trying to help and mean no harm, we need to understand that giving free advice on the internet carries no responsibility, and we should always approach it with caution.


Successful babywearing is a dynamic activity. We do not just look at your baby’s body proportions and preferences, we also take into consideration your body proportions, preference in handling baby as well as your unique circumstances in order to make babywearing comfortable and manageable for you.

At Baby Slings & Carriers, we offer an unbiased view, and more importantly we are not afraid to let you know if something is not working out. We believe that our clients deserve to know what works and what doesn’t, so we can look forward to a effective solution. You & baby’s best interests are of the utmost importance to us.  

The Babywearing Carrier Consultation is designed for parents who already have an existing carrier(s) and would like to get their carrier(s) assessed, adjusted or learn how to use it.

If you have an existing carrier but are looking for a more suitable alternative, you might like to opt for a fitting instead. You can find out more about our Babywearing Fitting Services here.

Consulting your baby carrier involves assessing your current carrier and identifying the cause of your or babies discomfort and concerns, so a qualified Babywearing Specialist Fitter will be around to guide you during your consultation session. Depending on your needs, you can expect:

  • your current carrier to be assessed in-depth and the issue which may cause discomfort for the wearer or the child will be identified and explained
  • proper adjustments will made if required,
  • guidance on how to use your carrier,
  • guidance on how to carry and position your baby,
  • if your current carrier happens to be ill-fitting, you may receive help to try on our slings, wraps and carriers based on your preference

You can book a appointment for a consultation online here. Please state that you would like to consult on your carriers and the number carriers, carrier brands and models. The full amount can be paid over the counter – we accept a variety of payment methods such as Nets, Credit Card, Cash etc. You can view our showroom consultation rates above.

Our Fittings, Consults & Babywearing Support sessions are open for booking your preferred appointments Thursdays through Saturdays 11am to 3pm (except public holidays). Our Babywearing Fit Specialists are only available during these times.

As a small family-owned business operating with a very small team, we have limited manpower (and womanpower) as well as resource contraints. These times have been prioritised to allow us to carry on our business operations.

Our baby carrier customers are entitled to a 1 time babywearing support program within a year at our premises. If you have purchased a sling,wrap or carrier from us within a year, you can rely on our support services(so long as that baby sling, wrap or carrier was purchased from our store).

Making an appointment ensures that your consultation gets priority when there are more customers than our Babywearing Fit Specialists or there is a consultation/ fitting areas within a single time slot.

While you may walk in to do a consultation (last session at 3pm, Thursday – Saturday), this is subject to availability and with a baby in tow, there may occasionally be unnecessary waiting if our Babywearing Fit Specialists are fully occupied. Having an appointment system allows us to serve our customers better and ensures the most comfortable outcome for your visit.