Baby Slings & Carriers Travel/
Short Term Rental Program

Looking for short term rental of Baby/ Toddler/ Preschool Carrier or Toddler Travel Car Seat/ Travel Vest for travel or just need one to tide over a short period?

Rent a single Baby Carrier or RideSafer Travel Vest from only S$15 per week* and a Baby Sling/ Wrap/ Babywearing Fleece Cover from only S$7.50 per week*! Our rental packages are highly customizable for bulk rentals.

(*Terms & Conditions Apply)

How it works:

Rental is based on number of units rented using the following table.

Equipment No. of units*
1 Sling/ Wrap/ Infant Hybrid per week 0.5 unit
1 Babywearing Fleece Cold Cover per week 0.5 unit
1 Baby/ Toddler Carrier per week 1 unit
1 Ride Safer Vest per week 1 unit
1 Babywearing Jacket per week 1 unit

*Minimum rental is 1 unit and in whole units per rental arrangement.

Rental rates & Security Deposits are based on the following table.

Equipment No. of units* Security Deposit per item
1 Unit $30 $150 per unit item
2 Units $25 per unit $150 per unit item
3 - 5 Units $20 per unit $130 per unit item
> 6 Units $15 per unit $120 per unit item

Security Deposit is S$150 per unit item, and S$75 for 0.5 unit item.

* If rental items are returned to us later then the last day of rental period (unless it falls on a non-business day for our showroom, the last day will automatically extend to the next business day), a late charge of $5 per day per unit item will apply.


  • 1 sling + 1 wrap for 1 week = S$30 + Security Deposit S$150
  • 1 sling for 2 weeks = S$30 + Security Deposit S$75
  • 1 baby/ toddler carrier + 1 babywearing cover for 1 week = S$50 + Security Deposit S$225
  • 1 baby/ toddler carrier for 2 weeks = S$50 + Security Deposit $150
  • 1 baby/ toddler carrier + 1 Ride Safer Vest + 1 Babywearing Jacket for 1 weeks = S$60 + Security Deposit S$390
  • 1 baby/ toddler carrier + 1 Rider Safer Vests + 1 Babywearing Jacket for 2 weeks = S$90 + Security Deposit S$360

What's Available for Rental:

*Please contact us at 6xxxxxx to check availabilty of carriers before dropping by to rent them as they may be out for rental.

FAQs on Short Term Rental Program

Need more information on this service? Check out some of your questions below!

a) As a Babywearing Specialist store that also retails babywearing products, we keep a good rental stash so we don’t typically run out of items you wish to rent.

b) All our rental items are from authentic sources and regularly maintained to ensure that they are safe for their intended usage as per manufacturer specifications.

c) We have a manned (or wo-manned 😂) physical showroom and fixed operating hours, conveniently located in the Central part of Singapore and minutes-walk from Marymount MRT station. No need to deal with the stress of arranging a meet-up.

d) Unsure your best option in terms of which carrier or babywearing cover/ jacket to rent and in what size? Ask for our expertise advice. No additional charges.

e) All our items are disinfected and carefully cleaned/ laundered with Force of Nature Clean and/or 100% biodegradable products that are free of harmful chemicals with no laundry scents to ensure you and your baby stays safe (and not sneezing) from using our rental items.

f) We offer a complimentary adjustment (subject to 10 mins for carrier try-outs) for the baby carrier you are renting, plus teach you how to use your rental items (subject to 10 mins for baby carriers).

Collection and return of rentals at our showroom at 39 Jalan Pemimpin #06-01 Tailee Industrial Building Singapore 577182 during showroom operating hours. A security deposit will be collected per rental arrangement based on number of units rented. Each unit of rental is subject to a security deposit using the table above.

We collect security deposit + rental upfront either in Cash or PayNow. Upon return of rented items in good & undamaged condition, 100% of your security deposit will be returned to you in Cash/ PayNow. Incidences if any, will be charged against the security deposit.

If the last day of your rental period happens to be on a non-business day for our showroom, then the last day of your rental period can be assumed to be the following business day.

Please come personally if you would like our Babywearing Specialist Fitters to help you adjust your rental carrier to your size. Complimentary try-out service is capped at 10 minutes. A separate Carrier Fitting Charge will apply beyond 10 minutes.

Our responsibility is to ensure you receive an item on loan that is functional and in a clean condition. You are responsible for the safety of yourself and your baby when using the loaned items, and absolve our Company from all responsibilities pertaining to your usage of our rental items. 

If rental items returned to us are damaged but assessed by us to be repairable, the repair cost shall be deducted from your security deposit. For loss of rental items or serious damages that render the items unfit for future rental, full security deposit on the item may be forfeited.

We accept Cash or PayNow only for all Rental Arrangements.

Security Deposit for Rental Carriers

Rental Item Purchase Price Deposit for Single Carrier Carrier Rental Deposit for 2 x Carriers Rental
Structured Carriers - Baby Size
Manduca XT $269.90 $210 $160
Manduca First PureCotton/Blackline $219.90 $170 $130
Manduca First HempCotton $199.90 $160 $120
Boba X $219.90 $170 $130
Boba 4G $179.90 $140 $100
Boba Air $89.90 $50 $40
JPMBB Physio Carrier $249.90 $200 $150
Tula Explore $299 $230 $180
Tula Free To Grow $259 $210 $160
Beco Gemini $209.90 $160 $120
Ergobaby Omni 360 $319 $260 $200
Ergobaby Omni 360 Mesh $339 $270 $210
Emeibaby Baby $279.90 $220 $170
Catbirdbaby Pikkolo $229.90 $180 $130
Structured Carriers - Toddler Size
Beco Toddler $229.90 $180 -
Tula Toddler $259 $210 -
Emei Toddler $299.90 $240 -
Kinderpack Toddler $279.90 $224 -
Kinderpack Preschooler $299.90 $240 -
Ring Slings
Love Radius Sling $119.90 $90 $70
Baby Wraps
Boba Cotton Wrap $69.90 $50 $40
Boba Bamboo Wrap $79.90 $60 $50
Love Radius Basic Wrap $89.90 $70 $50
Love Radius Original Wrap $129.90 $100 $80
Wrapsody Hybrid Stretch Wrap $149.90 $120 $90
Newbie Love $119 $90 $70