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Personalized Babywearing Fitting​

Looking to get a professional baby sling, wrap or carrier fitting that is fully customized for you?

We offer personalized babywearing carrier fitting services at our showroom located right in the central of Singapore. With over 12 years of experience and over 30,000 babywearing fittings, we offer a most qualified team of experienced Babywearing Specialist Fitters.

Our Babywearing Fit Specialists are available Thursday through Saturday (except public holidays) from 11am to 3pm. Click the “book session” button below to book a session! See you soon!

Every adult and every baby can have different body proportions, sensitivity and preferences.

So… what does that mean?

We like to say: It’s just like choosing a pair of shoes. Different shoes in the same size MAY not feel the same and offer the same comfort or support for you. Similarly for baby carriers.​

Our service

"But I don't know anything about babywearing!"

No need to panic. Our personalized babywearing carrier fitting offers you the opportunity to understand babywearing basics, and get hands-on experience with different slings, wraps or carriers.

Your Questions

Need more information on this service? Check out some of your questions below!

Your decision can greatly affect your babywearing success, you and your baby’s posture, as well as both your comfort. We strongly advise parents to get a proper babywearing fitting with our experienced Babywearing Specialist Fitters to avoid the costly mistake of buying carriers off the shelf, only to compromise on comfort, support or ergonomics. We offer a specially curated range of babywearing products that we understand deeply and are confident to say that we can help every family find the one that works for them in a safe and unbiased manner.

Benefits of our professional babywearing fitting:

  • Gain basic knowledge in selecting a safe and ergonomic carrier.
  • Understand the different babywearing options and get advice on what may work best for your baby, your needs and both your body proportions.
  • Learn the proper way to carry and position your baby for successful babywearing.
  • Try on slings, wraps or carriers with a demo doll or your baby under our professional guidance.
  • Make an informed decision of which carrier is most suitable for you (our experts will help you eliminate confusing variables such as discomfort due to carriers that do not fit you).

The Babywearing Carrier Fitting Session is designed for anyone who wants to make an informed choice when choosing a baby sling, wrap or carrier to use with their child from birth to 5 years old or slightly beyond. You may belong to any of these categories:-

  • Expectant parents & new parents. It is alright if you have yet to master how to hold your babies – we will guide you.
  • Parents of older babies, toddlers or even preschoolers who are looking for a baby, toddler or preschooler carrier that fits more comfortably and ergonomically.
  • Parents with existing baby carriers that are hurting their backs and want to look for a more suitable alternative.
  • Experienced babywearers looking for additional babywearing options and getting an unbiased view.
  • Parents who did not have a pleasant experience with babywearing and would like to give it another go.
  • Parents with special needs kids*.

*For parents belonging to this group, there is no need for you to book a fitting. Please call or email us for arrangements. Fitting service for special needs is complimentary as part of our community give-back efforts.

Trying on a baby carrier involves skill to properly choose and adjust one if you are unfamiliar, so a qualified Babywearing Specialist Fitter will be around to guide you during your fitting session. Depending on your needs, you can expect:

  • a brief introduction of the different types of slings, wraps and carriers available,
  • guidance on your needs, preferences & priorities,
  • guidance on how to carry and position your baby,
  • receive help to try on slings, wraps and carriers based on the above,
  • narrow down your preferred babywearing options, and
  • guidance on selecting the appropriate carrier, as well as understanding its limitations.
Getting a fitting consult before or after your baby arrives have different advantages and it really depends on your objectives for the consult. 
Having a consult before your baby arrives offers you the following advantages:
– acquire skills in carrying a newborn right from the start & some tips to start off your successful parenting journey
– understand baby’s and parent’s anatomy without distractions
– try out the different options in a unhurried way with the objective of getting a sling, wrap or carrier
Having a consult after your baby arrives offers you the following advantages:
– learn tips on carrying/ calming your baby and assurance if you are doing it right
– get a brief understanding of baby & parent’s anatomy with your real baby
– trying out 3 or 4 carriers with your own baby with the objective of getting a sling, wrap or carrier
Some parents prefer getting everything settled before baby arrives and we walk them through the options that will work for them – why and why not. If you get your carrier before baby arrives, we do offer a complimentary 1 x 1 hr babywearing support session within a year worth $50 if you have trouble working it out with baby. Some parents prefer to be 100% sure by doing a fitting only when their babies arrive so if you prefer that you can book for a consult as soon as baby arrives as well. We’re happy to support you either way.

Each babywearing fitting session costs $30 and is limited to 1 hour for 1 couple with their infant(s)/ baby(ies)/ toddler/ pre-schooler. You pay $30 upfront before the start of a fitting. Fitting charges are fully redeemable  up to $30, against your baby sling, wrap or carrier purchase if your fitting is below an hour (excludes clearance carriers).

For fitting fees paid in the showroom, we only accept Cash or Paynow up front. For other purchases above $50, we accept other credit card payment methods.

For Priority Bookings, $30 will be paid upon booking online. You may book your priority slots here. Please refer to the question above to see what payment methods we accept in our showroom for fittings.

Booking and fitting fees are non-refundable. However, if you purchase any regular-priced sling, wrap or carriers and your fitting is within 1 hour, the fitting fee is complimentary. A full redemption of $30 will be credited against your purchase.

Changes to a booking is possible if made at least 1 day before your appointment time by our agreement in email or by phone, and your new appointment date/ time must fall within the next 2 weeks. Doing otherwise would risk classifying your booking as a no-show, which will entail forfeiting of your booking fee.

For more details on our Personalized Babywearing Fitting Service, you can also check out our Frequently Asked Question page.

To ensure the welfare of your baby, we limit our fittings to an hour to prevent stressing and overstimulating your child. Trying on carriers require time and maneuvering of your baby. The process of moving them up and down while switching into different carriers can be overwhelming for your child which may lead to your child becoming cranky. The objective of our fitting is to help you find a suitable carrier, and we want to be sure that it met while being mindful of you and your child’s needs.

While we would love to let you try all the carrier options that are available in our showroom, as professionals we advise you limit the amount of carriers you try to 3-4 carriers to avoid stressing and overstimulating your child, which could lead to them becoming cranky. The objective of our fitting is to help you find a suitable carrier, and we want to be sure that this is met while being mindful of you and your
child’s needs.

No. We are liable for you and your baby’s safety and cannot allow any trying of carriers unsupervised by a professional within our premises. Any trying of carriers within our premises can only be done as part of a Support, Consult or Fitting Session.

No. A fitting is limited to trying with professional help using our range of demo carriers. Working with your own carrier will  constitute a consultation. You can find out more about our consultation services here.

Our Fittings, Consults & Babywearing Support sessions are open for booking your preferred appointments Thursdays through Saturdays 11am to 3pm (except public holidays). Our Babywearing Fit Specialists are only available during these times.

As a small family-owned business operating with a very small team, we have limited manpower (and womanpower) as well as resource contraints. These times have been prioritised to allow us to upkeep our business operations.

No. Our last fitting starts at 3pm. This is to avoid a situation where you feel rushed to make a decision. We understand that finding the right fitting carrier for you and baby is a process that takes time so it is advisable that you give yourself and baby enough time to do that. A proper fitting will be very much worth the time you have invested.

If you have decided on the carrier that you will like to purchase, you are more than welcome to drop by and pick it up from our showroom or you can place an order online. You can also get your carrier adjusted to fit baby and you when you purchase directly at the showroom.

However if you are still not sure which carrier to get, we strongly encourage you to come down for a fitting so that you can make a more informed decision with the guidance of our Babywearing Fit Specialists.

Making an appointment ensures that your fitting gets priority when there are more customers than our Babywearing Fit Specialists or there is a consultation/ fitting areas within a single time slot.

While you may walk in to do a fitting (last session at 3pm, Thursday – Saturday), this is subject to availability and with a baby in tow, there may occasionally be unnecessary waiting if our Babywearing Fit Specialists are fully occupied. Having an appointment system allows us to serve our customers better and ensures the most comfortable outcome for your visit.

What our customers are saying

Joyce Yuen

Customer - SimplyBook.Me

Whether you are first time parent or not, I highly recommend to drop by this place for professional guidance on the most suitable carrier / sling so you won’t end up investing a wrong one and getting backaches or fussy baby.

Not all carriers are suitable for you and/or your spouse (if sharing). The staff here will professionally assess both parents and child and recommend the best few to try before you decide.

Me being lost with all the brands and types that I thought I’ll have difficulty choosing one, but with their help and playing the game of elimination, I could narrow down and decide quite fast! If you need further guidance from them even after purchase, can always check back.

I’ve used the carrier for a month plus and I’m still using it, didn’t become a white elephant! Thanks Pearline for helping me to choose.

Berlyn Aw

Customer - Google Review

I went to this place with my husband and my 2 months old girl to get a carrier and we were not disappointed.

We were greeted warmly by Michelle, who guided us through the wide array of carriers that they have. We were spoilt for choices!

Now I understand why this place is highly raved by the FTM in those mothers group chat! We went there with zero clue about carriers and slings, but we left with valuable knowledge of these awesome inventions!

This is one place you should visit if you are considering/wondering if you should get a carrier or not. You will not regret, and maybe leave with not one but two items(which we did!). We love it! Highly recommended!

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