manduca ExTend Carrier Seat Extender Black

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manduca Carrier Seat Extender

Extend carrier seat by 5cm or 18cm

Certified 100% Organic Cotton

While the Manduca carrier can support up to 20kg and can be used with a child as old as 4 years old, many users finds that it gets less comfortable for the child when their thighs can no longer be fully supported by the carrier panel as they grow taller.

With the Manduca ExTend carrier seat extender, Manduca carrier users can now have the options to extend the carrier seat size by about 5 to 18cm depending on their needs and height of their child.

You can now carry your older children comfortably in the M-Position when using your Manduca Carrier even when they are 4 or even 5 years old!

The Manduca ExTend carrier seat extender is recommended for toddler from about 18 months and older.

Usage step 1: Place the Manduca ExTend over the inside of your Manduca carrierUsage step 2: Choose the correct slot to slot in the belt to extend the manduca seat by 5cm or 18cmUsage step 3: Ensure the slot goes fully to the edge of the carrier panel and button up the securing strap to the straps of your Manduca Carrier


  • Fabrics made of 100% certified organic cotton
  • Lightly padded for extra comfort
  • Made in Europe
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Manduca are designed and manufacture in an eco friendly wayManduca Baby Carriers are designed in GermanyManduca ExTend are intended for use with Toddlers 18 months and above  


  • 2 settings - to extend seat by 5cm or 18cm
  • Certified 100% organic fabric exterior
  • Easy to install on any Manduca Baby Carrier
More Information
Material 100% organic cotton exterior. Light filling 100% polyester.
Compatible Products Manduca First Carriers & all Manduca Carriers based on First Carrier including PureCotton, BlackLines, LimitedEditions
Included in box
  • 1 x manduca ExTend Carrier Seat Extender Black

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